Nedbank CIB Brand Campaign

We were asked to create a digital approach, aligned to the overarching brand communications strategy and creative on Nedbank CIB and one of its primary pillars: sustainability. The ads needed to do more than just reflect what was done for above-the-line, they had to be simple but engaging, and stand out in showcasing Nedbank CIB’s sustainable growth proof points across sectors.

The idea
As the bank that walks its talk, Nedbank needed to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable growth in an almost tangible way on digital. Leaning into how the creative concept explores the meaning behind growth, we created videos for social that gave the illusion of objects in the content crossing over two posts to grow beyond the traditional use of the format. For each of the three major themes in the campaign (Infrastructure, Renewable Energy and Business), we developed a line that detailed how sustainable goals were being met by Nedbank. The uniqueness of the split visual, as well as the impact and simplicity of the lines work together to establish that the accolades are not just fluff. These are real facts and real deeds that led to real growth. Additional digital elements including banners and search ads were also created in this vein, giving our audience more entry points to explore our campaign.

The results
The campaign had an incredible 2,56% CTR across all channels.CTRs were 1,56% higher than the expected standard of 1%.
LinkedIn creative out performed targets for reach by 94%.

Awards for this campaign:
2022 Bookmarks – Silver Craft Digital Media


Skills: Digital, Social Media
Client: Nedbank