Nissan – GTA

The Brief
Create hype about the recently launched Nissan GT Academy in South Africa.

The Solution
As the ultimate prize of the GT Academy is to win a race drive in a real race car, we wanted to bring the experience of being a pro race driver through in our site. By engaging with the site, they could wander through the GT Academy¬†race team’s offices. Here they could design their own racing helmet and race overalls, they could explore Nissan’s sports cars, read up on GT Academy news, follow the latest race times and get a racing licence. This racing license was shared to their Facebook profile so proud competitors could show off their credentials and entice new entrants to join up.

Awards for the campaign
IAC Awards – Best Automobile Integrated Ad Campaign
IAC Awards – Best Mobile Integrated Ad Campaign
IAC Awards – Outstanding Website


Skills: Digital, UI/UX, Website