Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Twitter Jam

The Brief
Standard Bank hosts the annual Joy of Jazz Festival in Johannesburg. We were briefed to create an activation to highlight this sponsorship.

The Solution
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to control a live jazz band?

Maybe you wished the saxophone would play a little longer, or the drums would take over for a while. On September 19th 2015, we invited an audience to engage with the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band – using their smartphones.

Every year, the City of Johannesburg and Standard Bank host the country’s premier jazz event to showcase the best homegrown and international talent. This activation tied in with a campaign that centred around”The Closer You Are, The More You Feel.” We brought them closer to the band by letting them tweet using the official hashtag #SBJOJ and the instrument they wanted to hear. The more they tweeted, the louder their desired instrument got. We set up screens around the band, which monitored the live Twitter stream. The information was pulled into a bar graph, which visually represented each instrument’s demand. The band reacted accordingly by letting the most popular instrument take the lead.

The Results
#SBJOJ trending in South Africa during the live event.
60 000 media impressions.

Skills: Digital, Social Media
Client: Standard Bank Arts